Friday, April 1, 2011

Colourific: April Edition

The start of a new month means a regular monthly post: Colourific! 
I love the Colourific combination that I chose for April... grey and orange. 

There's something about a nice, dark, deep, smokey-blue grey 
and a classy rust orange that pair together beautifully. 
I've seen a handful of weddings that have used this combination - divine! 
It would make a sharp looking formal or casual outfit, as well. 
Use it in home decor: lots and lots of white with some hits of grey and orange - mmm, mmm. 
Why not try it in a scrapbook layout or craft project, too? Go for it. 
You can't go wrong - it's a little bit classic, a little bit fun, and a whole lotta modern.

What colours are you loving right now?

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