Monday, April 4, 2011

Polyvore Loves

It's time for Polyvore Loves!

I don't know about you, but I love transitional outfits: from day to night, winter to spring, casual to dressy... you get my drift. Transitional pieces can make or break your closet: I consider them staples. I love when I can find things that will work in a gazillion ways.

This Polyvore outfit is perfectly transitional: lose the clutch for a sturdier piece, switch out the heels for flats or boots, and you've got yourself a pretty daytime outfit - perfect for shopping or strolling the streets. Or, add a ladylike cardigan or a denim jacket (or if you live around here, both!) and a pair of tights and the outfit is perfect for this time of year (can we talk about the fact that the winter to spring switch is the worst between seasons ever?!). Besides the fact that this outfit is practical and transitional, it's also the cutest combination ever! 

That dress! Those earrings! That clutch! That ring! Those shoes! Oh, my. It's darling. Fill my closet, please. I can never get enough of this style.

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