Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Bits.

A little peek into my Thursday:

Pretty, pretty moon last week

Hello sleeping in (GLORIOUS!)
Hello puppy snuggles.
Hello fresh chocolate chip cookie.
Hello long shower.
Hello clean laundry.
Hello tidy house.
Hello thrift trip.
Hello change room.
Hello thrifted shorts and top.
Hello snail mail!
Hello beautiful stationary.
Hello Mr. Fox.
Hello texting.
Hello chats with Mom.
Hello post office.
Hello grocery shopping.
Hello Father's Day.
Hello project planning.
Hello blog party.
Hello Polka Dot Soup brainstorming.
Hello blog post.
Hello gardening.
Hello Daniel!
Hello pretty outfit.
Hello celebratory supper.
Hello brother's high school awards ceremony.
Hello proud sister :)
Hello crashing on the couch.
Hello Lord of the Rings...
Hello sleepyhead.

Happy Thursday!

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