Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black Thumb

Do you remember how I mentioned new houseplants yesterday? Well, here they are! I'm so excited to have these adorable plants in my possession. It's my first attempt at anything other than failed herbs and teensy aloe and cactus plants. Here goes nothing!

The larger plant in the back is a Jade plant - sometimes they can grow as big as three feet! When my boss informed me of that, I hesitated a bit while I was picking it up off the shelf... but she assured me that it would take years and years for it to get to that size. Fine by me - I'll be happy if it lasts a couple of months with me! I plunked it in a beautiful white glazed ceramic pot with embossing that I bought at my old job forever ago. I've been saving it for the perfect houseplant, and I think that it found its mate.

The tiny little plant in the front is a succulent. It's kind of like a cactus, in that it grows relatively slowly and doesn't need a whole lot of water. It was already in the teensy clay pot, so I knew that it needed to come home with me. I love me some clay pots! Classic and classy.

I hope these little guys last in my house. They're adorable - and houseplants are great air purifiers. Pretty and functional!

Happy Tuesday!

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