Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitude Monday

Another week is beginning - so that means that it's time for Multitude Monday!

Each Monday, I like to list ten things that I am currently thankful for. It's a great way to start my week - we can all use reminders of things that are fun, exciting, or going well. Who needs a reminder of the yucky stuff?! Feel free to start a Multitude Monday of your own, or check out previous weeks by clicking on the multitude label on my sidebar or the bottom of this post. It's a whole lot of fun!

This week, I'm thankful for:

210 - dandelions, one of the boldest and cutest weeds ever. I know they're a bit invasive, but Mr. Dandelion, I don't mind if you take over my lawn.
211 - using up $60 worth of points at Shoppers Drug Mart today - yay for free splurges!
212 - freshly waxed eyebrows - and I think I found a replacement salon for the one that I went to before we moved! Took me almost 7 months, but now I'm all set.
213 - this b-e-a-u-tiful home tour on Design Sponge - I die.
214 - Kel's cute new do... looks chic and summery. Can't wait to see it in person :)
215 - a male-made supper... thanks for being my personal chef some nights, darling.
216 - my inlaws arriving safely back in Nova Scotia today. I was starting to get lonely!
217 - a half-price, half-price pretty summer sundress today - I love a good deal!
218 - fresh produce and groceries in our fridge... it looks so nice and full after a shopping trip.
219 - homemade lunches for work... nothing beats a yummy leftovers meal.

Happy Monday!

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