Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitude Monday

I can't believe it's almost the end of August! I had a busy but fun summer, but there are so many more things that I planned on doing. Oh, well - there's still a week or two left! I hope to pack these weeks full of fun-ness.

It's Multitude Monday time! Each week, I like to share ten things that I am thankful for. Today, I'm thankful for:

230 - Celebrating four years of being married to the best guy ever! Our anniversary was August 17th, and we had a nice relaxing evening and tried out a new-to-us (yummy!) restaurant.
231 - Preparing and enjoying fresh local produce at every meal - it tastes better, feels fresher, and supports our local economy! What more could you ask for?
232 - Learning so much about gardening at a perennial workshop over the weekend - it would be so nice to own a home and have a luscious garden!
233 - Having our big grand opening of the Farmers' Market - sales were decent, but more importantly, it was great seeing how much exposure our market got
234 - Going on carnival rides with my family on Saturday and not being scared silly. Okay, okay, I admit it, I only went on basically a kiddy ride. I'm a wuss.
235 - Sage being so well behaved for the last month - I'm rewarding him with lots of homemade treats, and feeling a lot less afraid of him running off when we're outside together.
236 - Slowly getting more freckles - hey, if I can't get a tan, I'm more than satisfied with being a freckle chick!
237 - Getting new d├ęcor books in the mail! Yay for Decorate!
238 - Getting anything in the mail :) What can I say? Snail mail rocks my world.
239 - God using His word to give me support and comfort with my daily life - I need to learn to rely on Him so much more.

Happy Monday!

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