Saturday, September 10, 2011

absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Well, it's been almost five weeks without a computer. No, we don't have a smart phone. It's been cold turkey besides a few sly e-mail checks at work. Tough stuff. I'm tempted to post this around town:

Toshiba laptop
Black, three years old
Cute little decals

Quiet, responds to Pookie
Call if you find it!

A certain retail chain that rhymes with Moocher Chop has taken our laptop captive. Besides having the worst customer service in the entire world, they also are dreadfully slow. Five weeks? Seriously? We could have bought the part online, googled how to install it, and have had it in working order in two weeks! They have a deadline of Tuesday - if it's not repaired by then, I want a new one. End of story. I'm starting to get a little batty.

Hold your computer close and kiss it goodnight for me.

Happy Saturday!

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