Friday, October 28, 2011

Polyvore Loves

It's time for a new edition of Polyvore Loves!

This week, I thought that I would showcase a few items that I bought from Old Navy. I ordered two items during a great one day sale last week (they arrived yesterday!) and I also picked up a few bargains while in Moncton on the weekend. I think that this will be it for fall shopping for me... deal or no deal, I'd rather not spend any more money on clothes! 

Each of the pieces that I got are neutral and extremely versatile. I've been following Tiny Twig's No Brainer Wardrobe series (check it out, especially the first few days - some terrific tips!) and I wanted to work some new pieces in that would work with my existing wardrobe. My problem is always this: I have lots of clothes, and lots of pieces that I like, but not a whole lot that goes together. I love textures and colours, so my outfits are usually a little helter-skelter. The items that I purchased should help me get through the fall and winter mixing and matching all of the items that I already own.

I created a Polyvore set with the pieces that I bought - some of them are not exactly what I bought, but very similar (the jeans I got are a darker wash, the denim dress is knee length with a self belt, the satin dress had buttons on the top half, and the cardigan's zipper only comes up half-way). I then created a set for each item, using similar things to what I have in my closet. I hope you enjoy, and that it inspires you, too!

Here are the items that I bought from Old Navy:

old navy

Here's what I would wear with the navy toggle sweater:

old navy sweater

My outfit with the trouser jeans:
old navy jeans

I can't wait to wear the denim dress:

old navy dress 1

The satin dress would be perfect for a wedding or holiday party:
old navy dress 2

Here's a nice date night outfit featuring the blouse:

old navy blouse

... and we all know how much I love a good cardigan:
old navy cardigan

There! Now don't you want to go and have a little fun playing dress up with your own wardrobe?! I sure do!

Hope that you all have a great weekend!

Happy Friday! 

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