Thursday, October 27, 2011

Etsy Feature: Geninne

Bird No27 by Geninne

Today's Etsy Feature is Geninne's Art Store. I've had this sweet little shop in my Etsy favorites for some time now, and with good reason - check out the gorgeous prints. The simple, beautiful designs are earthy and brilliant. The muted nature designs would suit any home decor, whether neutral or color-packed. They are simple enough to be a great gift for any art lover on your list and the prints are affordable, too!

Here's one of my favourite prints:

Bouquet by Geninne

Aren't they darling? I just love the simplicity of the pieces. Here's one more print for good measure:

Ask Believe Recieve by Geninne

Take a look at Gennine's shop, you won't be disappointed with what you find. Something for you, or to give away, or simply eye candy!

Happy Thursday!

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