Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Detergent DIY

After countless pins and bookmarks, I finally took the eco-plunge. I've gone granola - well, more granola than I was before. :) Our household now uses "handmade" laundry detergent!

I'm a sucker for sales on household supplies, so I waited until my detergent supply slowly diminished and started on this new adventure. When purchasing the ingredients, don't be afraid - the initial cost is a bit expensive, but the large containers of ingredients go so far! You only need one tablespoon of the mix for each load! Crazy, eh? I found the ingredients in Sobeys - I couldn't find all of the products in Superstore, Walmart, or Shoppers. The ingredients are on the same shelves as regular laundry detergent.

The ingredients needed in my recipe are:

One box of Borax
One box of Arm + Hammer Washing Soda
Ivory, Sunlight, or Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap

The recipe? One, one, and one! One cup of Borax, one cup of washing soda, and one bar of soap. Grate the bar of soap and mix with the other ingredients. It comes together so quickly, you can easily double, triple, or quadruple the recipe. I used an antique jar that I bought this summer, and I was unsure as to how much it would hold, so I doubled the recipe. I used one bar of Ivory soap and one bar of Dr. Bronner's almond hemp soap (remember seeing it in my purse?).

I had an adorable ice cream scoop from Heidi that I wasn't using and it fits perfectly inside the jar. I just guesstimate around a tablespoon. So far, so good! There is a way to make it a liquid detergent, but I really couldn't be bothered. You would have to make a big batch, store it in a bucket, and use an old laundry detergent bottle to dispense it. So not cute. As long as you put the powder in as soon as you start filling the washer with water, there really isn't a problem.

I really like the detergent. It smells good when I put it in the water, and the clothes are scent-free when they come out - they just smell clean. Clean = good. I haven't tried the detergent on anything that was stained, but there are natural pre-treatments that you can try out there.

I'm using up the last of my jumbo-sized fabric softener box. I ordered a few dryer balls on Etsy, but they haven't arrived yet. They are in four beautiful colours, and vanilla + pomegranate scented. I'll let you know how it goes once I start using them! Once I do, I'll be using all homemade/natural cleaning products in our home (other than the occasional bottle of regular dish soap). I use Melaleuca cleaners and vinegar, baking soda, and water a lot. It's a great feeling!

Have you made any healthy changes in your home lately? Tell me about them!

Happy Wednesday!

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