Monday, January 30, 2012

Tips 'n' Tricks: Icing 101

I decided to make some cupcakes on Saturday to bring to our church on Sunday. There's a tea after the remembrance meeting every Sunday morning, and I hadn't brought anything in... ahem... a very long time. I usually have lots of baking ingredients on hand, but I wanted to do something a little different. So... I started with a chocolate cake mix.

Same old, same old, right? Wrong. These chocolate cupcakes are adult friendly: they are topped with a chocolate mocha icing. Mmm, mmm. What kid likes coffee? Not a single one that I know. Wondering how to make a mocha icing? I'm going to share my top secret tip with you.

Always have instant coffee on hand.

I don't drink coffee, but the instant stuff sure comes in handy. I have a little jar of it tucked into my cupboard for times exactly like these. To create the chocolate mocha icing, all I did was replaced the liquid in my regular chocolate icing recipe with extra strong coffee. I used (about) 1.5 tsp of instant coffee granules to 2 tbsp of water. Mix them up in a little mug or bowl, then add to your icing. Easy breezy!

I piped the icing on the cupcakes using a star tip, and topped each one with a tiny piece of chocolate. I had a semi-sweet chocolate bar hanging around, so I chopped the last two pieces into enough squares to top my batch of cupcakes. Resourceful? I should say so! :)

That's my latest kitchen trick for you! Are you itching for a cupcake now? 
I know I am!

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