Monday, January 30, 2012

Multitude Monday

I love that little plate. I found it at Urban Outfitters, and it's perfect. Mom used to  sing my that song all. the. time. when I was a kid. Every once in a while, a new/old random song will pop into my head and I know that Mom put it there. If I could only remember all of them when I have kiddos, I'd be a lucky lady. She sang to me all the time. Love it.

Aren't we all blessed so much more than we can even put into words? God fulfills all of my needs - I'm never hungry, cold, unclothed. I have people who love me. I have more than I could ever, ever ask for, and yet sometimes, I'm ungrateful. I'm so thankful for my family - safe, and living right down the road from me. A childhood neighbour of mine was killed tragically over the weekend, and it's a grim reminder of how much we have. Love the ones you're with. 

Multitude Monday is a great way for me to reflect on the positive things in my life each week. Today, I'm thankful for:

360 - having lots of healthy snacks in the house
361 - beautiful thrifted jewellery that I found last week
362 - getting to have a great big chat with Kelsie
363 - finding the perfect birthday present for Dan
364 - being so blessed.
365 - so so blessed.
366 - spending time with other people. Busting out of my little self-made cocoon.
367 - my family. My young, healthy brothers and my loving parents.
368 - my darling husband - best friend and spouse all in one, can't beat that.
369 - my precious friends - mostly far away, but we still manage to connect using all of that there new-fangled technology.

What are you thankful for today? I'm thankful for you, too, readers!

Happy Monday!

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