Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FREE to a good home!

I've been going through bits and pieces around our home today, and I came across a couple of items that I would like to giveaway!

I bought these two prints from Etsy a few years ago - I don't even remember the sellers anymore. But... for you I went and found the listings :) You're welcome. Neither one of them suit my current taste and decor, so I'd like to give them away to someone who would give them a new place to live! Don't worry about framing them: if you like them, stick 'em on your fridge or inspiration board.

Take a look:

5" x 7" illustrated print - linked

4" x 6" photo print - linked

Please e-mail me (littleohme @ hotmail . com) or send me a Facebook message before midnight tonight with your mailing address and which print you would like and I will drop it in the mail tomorrow! Enjoy!

P.S. Know someone else that would like one of them? 
E-mail me and you can give a print to them!

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