Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Cute Dad in a ginormous lawnchair

After a long and busy week, it's finally Friday night! We took my dad to the airport for work this morning - he needed to be there for 6:30 am... so we left at 3 am. Not fun - but I'm glad I got to say goodbye to him! I talked to him this afternoon and he had arrived safely - but I still miss him. I don't live at home anymore, but there's something about knowing one of your family members are away. It really makes you thankful to have them in your life - and want to avoid all arguments with those you love. Know what I mean? Maybe I'm getting sentimental in my old age - but I hate conflict with anyone. Good thing Dad and I get along like two peas in a pod :)

As for an exciting Friday night, here's what I've got planned: ironing, lots of ironing. Dan and I are taking our defensive driving course tomorrow (yes, about seven years later - shame, shame) and one of my favourite consignment shops is just down the street from where the course is being held. I'm taking a bunch of summer clothes there, but I need to get them all fresh and pressed before I leave. Out with the old, in with the new. I can't wait to wear some bright, springy colours!

I logged a serious workout week the past four days - three treadmill nights and one zumba night. Honestly? It's probably the most I've done in one week in my life. Does anyone have a good calf stretch? My right one kills me during/after exercise. It's like charlie-horse pain, not good. I should think about using up our free massage sessions, eh? And go to the pediatrist to get some kick-butt free sneakers. The perks of a good health plan :)

Need a little smile for your St. Patty's Day weekend? Here's a little something:

My very non-Irish ginger leprechaun baby brother... in the dollar store with me this week.
Want a closer look?

Adorable. One part Scot + one part Brit = a very happy little leprechaun.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the pic of shamus... So cute'

    1. I know eh? No matter how big he gets, he's still the baby... cuteness.


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