Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Living Room Update

Here's a look at the newest piece of furniture in our home! I couldn't resist picking up this chair yesterday. I know that yellow and grey are quite trendy, but the combination of the dove grey and cream is a total classy combo. * I desperately want a matching chair - so if you're headed to the Maritimes after a Target trip in the near future, please, please, please hook a girl up. * I want to have a set of chairs for our living room... and eventually in a master bedroom, entry, or den.

The chair looks great with our robin's egg walls and grey sofa. My current sofa cushions match the chair quite nicely, too:

I love that it helps to lighten the feel of the living room. I'm so much more draw to light colours than dark, but our living room feels a bit heavy sometimes. The new chair is the perfect addition.

And with the new chair being added to the room... I'm itching to get rearranging! I have the windows open this afternoon and the fresh air is flowing through our home. It's the perfect time to rearrange.

So what do you think? You likey?

Happy Tuesday - and "happy birthday" to my Mom!


  1. love!! it's perfect and it's the best color combo going:)

    1. thanks, heid. i'm loving the chair more and more everyday. :)


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