Thursday, June 28, 2012

Graduation Station

It's all over but the cryin', as they say. 

My little middle brother is a high school graduate

Though 1994 seems only a handful of years ago, the little baby boy that was born that August is now finished high school. I can remember him going to pre-school, for pete's sakes! Seeing David as a young man is a little unnerving, but it's so exciting to see who he's become.

When my friend Heidi graduated last month, I wanted to find the perfect Bible verse to use on/in her card. The verse that I found from Proverbs is so perfect, I decided to use it for all of the graduation cards that I had to make this year. Take a look:

I'm so glad that Mom and Dad both got to be there for David's big day. Dad got home from working away this past Saturday, so we were all a little relieved that he was able to make it. My parents have been through a lot over the years, as any parent of teenagers has been. I know I certainly contributed to their hard-earned grey hairs. I love muh family.

David was his class' valedictorian speaker. His speech was on puzzles, and he did a great job. His English teacher (who was mine back in the day) ate it right up. It was neat that he and his speech were chosen out of around eighty grads. Proud sister, I am. He also got a nice selection of bursaries and a scholarship from his future university that he will be attending this fall.

The boys and I tried to get a picture taken together and got photo-bombed by Dad :) Formal posers, we're not.

Although the festivities have officially come to an end, I'm sure that we will be celebrating for a while :) There will be bonfires and family dinners, for sure. I know for a fact that we've got a cartoon night coming up soon that's sure to be memorable. Pull out a little Ezma and Kronk stop. You are never too old for a good kids' movie. Juvenile laughter doesn't get old.

I'm thankful for the wonderful young men my two brothers have become.

Happy Thursday!

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