Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Eventful Tuesday

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Well, I had quite the adventure yesterday!

The original plan:

My aunt, mom and I were planning on travelling to "the big city" for the day. My aunt Ida was in town from Winnipeg for the week, so we were going to meet her for lunch. My cousin was already up there so we were all going to meet. Road trip with the girls, right?! Wrong.

Yesterday morning, my aunt decides to not go with us because her grandson was sick: my cousin's (who was already in Halifax) little boy. My cousin, Tanya, heard that he had gotten sick so decided to drive home in the early morning to relieve her mom from sick-duty. On her way home, as the sun was rising in the sky, she was blinded by the sun and hit a deer, head-on, on the divided highway at full speed. She's so blessed to have made it out of the incident without harm! Her car was badly damaged, though, so we were going to meet her in the next town on our way to Halifax and she would just travel home with us in the evening. 

So... as we pulled into the coffee shop at 8 am to pick her up, our car goes up in steam. Yup. Our radiator had something wrong and our car overheated. We had to sit there for forty-five minutes until the car cooled down, and then were turned away from two different garages. Finally, we made it to a Honda dealership. They repaired the car in an hour - and drove us to the shopping mall to browse while the car was being repaired! After the car was fixed, we decided to just spend the day in the town we were in. All this happened before noon.

I texted my visiting aunt and apologized for missing her: it would have been too hectic to continue on to the city and meet her. My aunt, mom and I shopped 'til we dropped in the little town. I'll have to share my thrifted finds soon! I found several cute summer blouses, two dresses, and a pair of great Gap jeans.  Two of the items still had the price tags attached - yay!

A fun end to a crazy morning.

Share time: have you ever hit any animals with your vehicle? 
About six years ago, I hit a bear! Crazy, eh?!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. you hit a BEAR?!?! i hit a squirrel, and that was drama enough! will you share your bear story? xo

    1. i'd love to share my bear story! hopefully next week we can have a phone chat... or i can blog about it :) xo

  2. aww, I didn't know you were coming up! I seriously can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! xo

    1. i was going to text you to see if you wanted to go to costco and sample with mom and i :) next time... xo


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