Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, September.

Oh, August, you've been swell, but now it's time for a new month and some big changes.

Hello, September.

August was one of the busiest months I've ever had. Dan and I celebrated five years of marriage on the 17th, we took little mini vacations here and there, spent time with Dan's brother who was visiting his family, decorated for a friend's wedding, attended two weddings, said goodbye to Dan's mom as she moves across the country and helped my brother move off to university. Whew!

One big secret that I've kept from the blog? I'm going back to school! I start a two year graphic design program tomorrow. Becoming a full-time student is a strange thought, but I know that I'll have fun. I'm relying on the Lord to bring me peace about this new experience. The support from my husband and family will be the key. I have an orientation day tomorrow, and then my classes will start on Monday. I'm excited for this new adventure!

So, what's new in your lives? Any fun adventures over the month of August, or coming up this month? Do share!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Katie-I've been meaning to send you a note and looking at Colin & Janelle's wedding pics reminded me that I wanted to tell you what an incredible job you did setting up everything at their reception. Just looking at the pics I saw so many other details that I didn't even notice at the wedding because it was a feast for the eyes and hard to take it all in. You have a real talent and creativity!! It was great meeting you : - )

    1. Thanks so much, Angie! You're too sweet. I'm glad that the wedding allowed us to meet person. Thanks for reading!


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