Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn Vignette

The minute that the weather starts changing and you need to wear a sweater or coat out of necessity, not for fashion's sake, is the moment that I start with the decorating itch. When the leaves begin to change colour, all I want to do is bring the outside in. This year especially, since I'm a student (!!), it essential that I decorate our home as inexpensively (read: free) as possible. Last week, I couldn't put it off any longer: the fall decorating had to begin.

Here's what I started with: 

We have a gorgeous antique organ in our living room that belonged to Dan's grandparents. Neither one of us play, so it just sits there in all of its loveliness. I love to decorate the shelves for every season - because if I don't, it just becomes a catch-all. I dismantled the summer ensemble, pulled out my wood polish and shined away. Ready for action!

Vignette elements:
- two milk glass vases
- dried craspedia
- driftwood wreath
- three gourds
- fresh greenery
- fox
- wood frame

I picked up three mini gourds (three for $1!) at a market that I pass on my daily commute. Their saturated colour attracted me, and let's face it - pumpkins and gourds sing the fall's praises. I bought the lovely driftwood wreath this summer and used in in my summer display, too. The dried craspedia have been rockin' out in my living room for quite a while, I just can't get enough of them! Mr. Fox came from the Atlantic Superstore in July and his colour is perfect - plus he adds a nice bit of whimsy. The empty frame at the back is a great size for a backdrop and the wood tone is quite complimentary. I had one little sprig of greenery from my last summer bouquet so that finished it off!

What about you? Have you added any lovely autumn-ness to your home? Do share!

Happy Wednesday!

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