Thursday, November 1, 2012

I can feel it.

Hey November, 

You're my birthday month. You're the month that I start on my new mighty life list that I'm itching to get started on. You're full of learning, of testing, and of celebrations like birthdays and holiday prep work. You smell like decaying leaves, which is nasty, but that's okay, I'll forgive you since it's just smells like change. You sound like new albums and windshield wipers moving the first snowflakes that I'm equally loving/dreading. You are full of delicious homemade cake that's balanced by lots of heathy eating and oodles, I mean oodles, of ice-cold water fresh from the tap. You feel like excitement and adventure. You just may be my favourite month (I'm a little biased, though.)

Oh, November, I know that we're in for a treat.


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