Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Multitude Tuesday

Busy day yesterday - didn't get my Multitude Monday post up. After a crazy five day weekend, yesterday evening was spend prepping for the upcoming week, not prepping for the blog. Sometimes, you know, life gets in the way. Between making lunches, working on assignments and spending quality time with my husband and family, let's just say that the blog gets put on the back burner.

What am I thankful for this week? Thanks for asking! Today, I'm thankful for:

581 - a flat-out (but fun!) successful annual Bible conference weekend at our church
582 - the gorgeous waterfall at the end of our hike on Monday
583 - a brand-new iPhone 5 after our old phone bit the dust on Thursday - so long, waiting list!
584 - meeting new friends and seeing some of the old ones, too
585 - a four day school week this week!
586 - a presentation by a local business tomorrow afternoon - instead of class
587 - good marks coming in on assignments and quizzes
588 - a new facial cleanser and routine - here's to a new method!
589 - learning some skills in Illustrator; after spending between 4 - 6 hours between last night and tonight I better be learning something!
590 - a planned lunch date with a friend this Thursday

What are you currently thankful for? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!

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