Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrifted: Seafoam Lamp

Two weeks ago, on a trip through the local thrift shop, I came across my best find in a long, long time. I was at Value Village to take photos for my upcoming newsletter and from half way across the store I spotted it: that pretty seafoam colour that floats my boat. I made a mad dash across the store (seriously, old man, get out of my way!) I reached the back of the store, waited patiently for an older man to finish looking at the bottom shelf, and then ended up saying "excuse me" and just snagging it off the top shelf. 

I checked the lamp over from top to bottom: no cracks or chips. It's art deco style was impressive - and the lamp was as big as the dickens. There was an electrical outlet to test your lamps, but no light bulb - huh? But, at $5.99, how could I not invest in the lamp of my dreams? Just look at it!

After purchasing my lamp, I drove to the Wally-world next door and found the perfect lampshade. Seriously, a match made in heaven! The shape was the perfect complement to the tall lamp and the linen fabric and colour went beautifully with the lamp. I brought the pair home and set them up in the living room. A quick wipe-down, a fresh bulb, plugged it in and voila! The lamp is the exact shade of minty green that I painted the stripe in the large painting. It doesn't translate perfectly on the screen, but trust me - it's a match! And, at about 18" plus the shade, it's a hefty lamp! 

How about you? Find any treasures lately? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh Katie, I love it!! I am going to have to find a better thrift store around here :)

    1. it's true! the next trip that we make down, you'll have to take me to the shops that you find. thanks for the lamp love.


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