Monday, June 3, 2013

Currently - June 2013

It's summer time - the ice cream stands are opening up!

Loving : My new summer job at a local deli/eatery. Fresh, healthy menu, lots of happy customers, and great co-workers. Can't beat it!
Making : A to-do list of fun activities for the summer months. This summer I'm excited to hike, spend time collecting beach glass, travel a bit, and read lots of books.
Reading : The last book, book seven, in a series: The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. It's an awesome youth fiction that I highly recommend!   
Learning : how to run with Couch 2 5K. My muscles and joints have never seen so much action. I'll leave it like that :)
Drinking Water and orange juice like they're going out of style. This warmer weather really makes you thirsty!
Listening : Lots of fun playlists on Songza. It's one of my favourite apps (free, too!), and you can also listen on their website. Score!
Eating : Salads and soups are always on rotation in my books. I made a sweet potato and red lentil soup with a curry coconut milk broth last week that still has my taste buds tingling.
Dreaming : Of a new bicycle! We went and checked out a few bikes at a local bike shop last month, but I'm tempted to take a can of seafoam green spray paint to Dan's old bike and tune it up for a cheap, quick fix.
Watching Our latest favourite shows are Bones, Freaks and Geeks, Masterchef, Sherlock, and Fringe. Haven't had much time to watch "our shows" lately with our hectic schedules. I'm calling a cozy afternoon in soon. 
Enjoying : Being finished school for the year! Woohoo! 

What's new with you? Do share!

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