Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fifty Things About Me

My mom and I, many moons ago
One of my favourite posts on any blog is when the blogger shares "things about me". It's a fun way to get to know their idiosyncrasies and little known facts. Often if I'm discovering a blog for the first time and notice a fun facts page, it will be my first stop. Knowing special little details about someone's life helps to establish a connection with them, to want to read more, learn more, get to know them. I hope that this post does that for you!

There's a certain number of items that hit the sweet spot when it comes to list length, and for me, it's 50.  Not too many, and yet enough to keep you intrigued. If you've ever wondered about me, here are 50 fun facts that make me who I am.

1 - I want to visit every provincial capital: so far, I've been to six.
2 - I could eat cantaloupe every day.
3 - I used to be an Etsy seller... now I'm just an Etsy shopper.
4 - I've never had glasses or braces.
5 - I'd rather sit in conversation with a group of middle-aged men than middle-aged women.
6 - Belly buttons weird me out.
7 - I bite my fingernails, although not as much as I used to.
8 - My favourite colour is constantly evolving, depending on my mood.
9 - ...and so is my favourite Bible verse.
10 - I don't wear socks to bed.
11 - Fresh flowers make me giddy.
12 - I love polka dots to pieces.
13 - My wisdom teeth haven't finished coming through yet.
14 - My favourite doll's name was Popcorn Missy Ollie.
15 - I had a bunny named Hoppist - can you tell that I liked to make up names?
16 - I cried when my brother was born: I wanted a baby sister... or twins.
17 - My mom is/was the best, most dedicated and loving stay-at-home mother that I've ever met.
18 - I used to have a booth at a farmers market.
19 - I'm a baker by trade, and almost a graphic designer.
20 - I have never traveled outside of North America (yet!)
21 - I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 20.
22 - Thrifting is one of my favourite hobbies.
23 - I had my hair braided for over three months when I was 17.
24 - I'm pretty "green", but I don't think I'll ever be able to give up paper towels.
25 - I took horseback riding lessons for several years.
26 - I'm allergic to bee stings and carry an Epi-pen with me.
27 - The smell of metal zippers and chains makes me nauseous.
28 - I broke my femur at 18 months old.
29 - My middle name is after my grandmother.
30 - I learned to drive a standard transmission in 2012.
31 - Chocolate is my fix.
32 - I'm a lefty.
33 - I planned on taking interior design, criminology or cytology after graduating high school, but stayed home for a year instead.
34 - I've never had a tattoo or piercing.
35 - A nightgown that my Nanny gave me has been in my pyjamas drawer at every place that I've lived since the 8th grade when she passed away.
36 - I was a ginger until I was six or seven.
37 - Peas are the only vegetable that I don't like.
38 - I'm the oldest of three children, and the only girl.
39 - I was my high school yearbook co-editor.
40 - I trusted Christ as my saviour in 1999.
41 - I had a tiny strawberry birthmark beside my bellybutton until I was school-aged.
42 - I feel fiercely protective of my little brothers, even though they're much bigger than me now.
43 - My dad and I are the only ones in my family with the same eye colour.
44 - I was one of the tallest people in my class until grade eight, then I stopped growing.
45 - Snow Patrol is my favourite band.
46 - ...and I listened to "Set Fire to the Third Bar" on repeat for the entire drive to my wedding.
47 - ...I can listen to a song that I love on repeat for a rediculously long time.
48 - I don't drink coffee, but I'd love a herbal tea.
49 - I was a farm-girl until I was 17.
50 - Old school photo booth pictures are my jam.


  1. I think of you and that day every single time I hear that song:)

    1. Do you really? What a fun memory. Can't believe that it's been almost seven years! xo

  2. Neat list! I like reading facts about my favourite bloggers, too. :) Was it hard to come up with 50? I had not heard the Snow Patrol song (I don't think I've ever heard any Snow Patrol, to be honest!), so I looked it up just now. It's super pretty. I also listen to songs on repeat, and especially albums. Interesting how music gives us things: strength, respite, joy.

    Thank you for sharing these bits of you. :)

    1. At first I struggled with coming up with 50 items, but once I started brainstorming, the more random facts came to mind which made it easier. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Snow Patrol song, it makes me feel all dreamy and happy.

  3. Also you look so much like your mom, in that photo, it's wonderful!


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