Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scenic Newfoundland : Road Trip Photos, Part 2

Well, the snow's still here, so let's reflect back on the warm summer months again. This is my second post on my trip to Newfoundland in August; if you'd like to see the photos from the first post, click here. Dan and I had a total blast on our road trip around the province, covering much of the western coast as well as the opposite (St. John's) coastline. If you've never been to "the rock", I would highly recommend taking the time to visit the lovely province. Such rugged beauty, and friendly residents in almost every town! 

Most of these photos were taken during the second half of our road trip, mostly in St. John's and the trip to and from the city. A friendly piece of advice: if you can avoid the trip across central Newfoundland, do so. It took hours and hours to get from one coast to the other; we used up almost two days in total, traveling to and from St. John's. Since we drove, we did get to explore some of the communities that weren't directly on the highway, which was a lot of fun.

A little coastal community right inside the city of St. John's / Fish drying on racks in the sunlight

Gorgeous street art everywhere in St. John's / The view from a tower on Signal Hill

Two scenes from one of our favourite communities, Little Harbour: we stayed in those cabins for a night.

Signal Hill, Newfoundland

Another coastal scene in Little Harbour

So many picturesque lighthouses

Cape Spear, the easternmost point of Canada / A few of the houses on Jellybean Row in St. John's

A beautiful river scene on the side of the highway in central Newfoundland

The view from the tower on Signal Hill

The water and coastlines were gorgeous at every stop
I hope to have a third post next week with a few more pictures from our road trip: mostly little snapshots that I took to capture small details and moments. We had so many great laughs and funny experiences on our trip. Taking our time and traveling through Newfoundland was one of my favourite vacations that Dan and I have taken together so far!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Such gorgeous photos, Katie! I like how you have some paired as diptychs, and some on their own, too. (Nerd blogger alert!)

    1. Thanks, Leah! I thought that I'd give it a try so the landscape and portrait photos would be similar in size for consistency... and it was fun pairing photos, too. Nerd bloggers rule! :P


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