Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little Lentil : 27 Weeks

Eek! I'm playing catch up on my pregnancy posts. Better late than never, so...

Here's what's new this week:

Week: Twenty-seven

Oh, hello, cauliflower-sized baby!

What's going on inside: The baby is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing their eyes, and sucking on their fingers. Their little brain is very active now, too. The baby can get hiccups at this point, but I haven't felt that yet.

What's going on outside: I'm starting to feel like a tuna - rolling over during the night feels like a mission. My dreams are crazy intense, and so strange and funny. I dreamt that the cafeteria lady at college was being a bully to me and wouldn't let me purchase anything, haha.

How big is that lentil? The baby is about 2lbs now! (That's about the size of a cauliflower, for a veggie reference.)

Total weight loss/gain: I did notice a change in weight this week, but not a significant one.

Food cravings: Not many cravings, but I do find that things that are heavily seasoned with herbs (like stuffing) give me indigestion. No worries, I'm more of a spicy kinda gal anyways.

Best moment this week: Spending time with Dan's family that's been home - they have two adorable little ones. The next time that they're back, the baby will be a month old!

Happy Thursday!


  1. oh i'm so excited for you!! please whisper a few hellos to your li'l lentil for me <3. soon soon soon!

    1. Thanks, Janelle! I sang a little ditty to the lentil on your behalf last night :)


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