Monday, January 27, 2014

Multitude Monday : January 27, 2014

Oh, Mondays. Sometimes you just can't wait for that first weekday to end. Other times, the day is full of goodness and flies by. Today was a little bit of both. I only had class in the morning (Visual Communications) and then I was able to check several things off of my to-do list. Did a return, worked on a product investigation assignment at a store, picked up a few groceries, and purchased a new set of pillows using a birthday gift card. Score!

Today, I thought I'd share some things that I'm thankful for. That's what Multitude Mondays are all about: documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Feel free to chime in through the comments, on your own blog, or in a journal. Let's make Mondays a day to reflect on the goodies, and not the baddies.

I'm currently thankful for:

Dan and I meeting Tate on the weekend
691 - Welcoming little Tate into the world!
692 - A whirlwind road trip to Halifax to meet Tate's sweet face for the first time.
693 - A snuggly couch nap yesterday afternoon that was super refreshing - and I didn't wake up cranky!
694 - Dan's bro and sister-in-law arriving safely. We haven't seen them and their kiddos in almost two years.
695 - Our new bed arriving and Dan putting it all together. It feels like we're in a hotel!
696 - This dreamy duet with Carole King and Sara Bareilles from last night's Grammys (which I'm typically not interested in) that a friend shared via Facebook:

697 - Remembering a beautiful journal that a friend gave me that I'm excited to use over the next few weeks for a special project.
698 - Seeing the term "whirling dervish" during a class presentation and trying to refrain from giggling out loud... Dan has only recently used the term to describe someone and I thought that he made it up.
699 - A colour-coded bookshelf in my living room that makes me smile every time I see it.
700 - Realizing just how blessed I am in all of the little things, like discovering a replaced lightbulb before I had a chance to replace it myself.

What are you currently thankful for? Do share!

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks so much for coming to see Tate and for the pretty flowers. Love you! You're next and I can't wait:)

    1. Thanks for the baby snuggles! So glad that we get to have our babies so close in age.


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