Thursday, February 20, 2014

Little Lentil : 30 Weeks

It's week 30! That means that the longest amount of time possible to meet our baby is twelve weeks from now - or it could be as soon as in seven weeks! (Or anytime, really, but let's hope that it's between 7-12 weeks from now, so they'll be healthy and strong.) There's nothing like the reality of numbers and dates to make your heart race. I've gotta get cracking on so many tasks!

I've been working this past week on getting my school straightened away in regards to work terms and finish dates. I've had a placement interview and several meetings with my instructors. Once it's all confirmed, I'll share my plans here. So far, it's going to be busy but manageable!

Week 30 selfie
Here's what's new for this week:

Week: Thirty!

What's going on inside: The baby's lungs and digestive tract are just about fully developed now. They can distinguish between light and dark. Freaky fact alert! Apparently, sometimes if you shine a flashlight on your stomach, the baby can move their head to follow the light and may even reach out to touch it. Crazy, eh? They also have all of their eyelashes and eyebrows now. They also control their own temperature now. 

What's going on outside: I feel like I've been growing exponentially this past week. The baby's movements are so strong and a bit shocking sometimes. Last night Dan was watching my belly for a while and was amazed at home much the baby was moving and how visable it was. I've been having indigestion in the evenings, difficulty catching my breath and had a few weak spells over the weekend (I think my blood pressure's been low) but that's all to be expected. My body's working hard at growing a little lentil!

How big is that lentil? This week, they're about the length of an English cucumber (they're about 16" long). They won't get much longer (usually a max of around 22 inches by the time of birth) but they're packing on the weight. The baby's weighing in at around 3 pounds now! No wonder I can feel them so much! Between now and 38 weeks, they should gain about half a pound a week.

Total weight loss/gain: I'll find out this afternoon. I have a doctor's appointment after lunch (which kinda sucks, my other weigh-ins have been early in the day, so it won't be as accurate today.) I do know that I've gained since my last appointment, though.

Food cravings: Just chocolate of any sort, hehe. That's pretty typical for me, though. I'm so thankful that I don't have gestational diabetes - what a struggle that must be! I've been trying to be conscious of my eating habits and not snacking too much in the evenings to help with the indigestion. The only problem with that is that if I haven't eaten in the evening, I get more nauseated the following morning. 

Best moment this week: I was driving home from class one day and U2 came on CBC. I'm a huge U2 fan, and it was a song that I hadn't heard before. Before it even sunk in that it was them on the radio, the baby started moving like crazy. It made me so glad. I guess that they'll be a U2 fan just like their parents! :) 

I purchased a wooden activity centre for my hippie baby this week :)
Happy Thursday!

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