Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scenic Newfoundland : Road Trip Photos, Part 3

It's March! Eeek - the winter is finally going to turn into spring soon. Although, according to the news this morning, the Weather Network released their report that in Canada this year, we'll be having a late spring. They estimate the weather to not officially turn to spring until mid-April. Let's hope that those weather guys don't know what they're talking about. I don't want to wait that long for green grass and spring coats!

As a bit of a "beat the winter blues" sort of series, over the past three weeks I've been sharing photos of our trip to Newfoundland this past August. It's been great looking back through our photos (which I've yet to get developed! Must get on that.) and reminiscing about how much fun Dan and I had on our road trip. This is the last of my three part series; you can see part one and part two here. All of the photos are straight from our camera or iPhone, no fancy editing work here, other than some diptychs. 

What's a diptych? It's a way to present two photos, side by side, that can complement or contrast with each other. (You can also create triptychs: three photos. Crazy talk!)

Here's a few shots from our days on the ol' Rock:

Cape Spear - one of the most beautiful stops on our trip

A door fit for a hobbit on the side of the road.

Seashells galore / Peeking at Newfoundland from the ferry window

The dock and boat before our adventure through the mountains / a fun airplane shot

Yet another gorgeous lighthouse / How fun is that ceiling?! It was in a pottery shop.

So many adorable shops along our trip / Several businesses backed onto the water and had decks for observing
I'm always spotting patterns that I like / Decrepit buildings are my jam - love that pop of red!
That just about winds up our photos! I have oodles more, as you can well imagine, but I won't smother you with pics of Newfoundland. I think three posts is plenty without overloading my blog. I hope you enjoyed the glimpses into our road trip! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend taking a trip of your own to see that fine province.

Happy Tuesday!

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