Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Cape Breton Summer

Between a brand-new baby girl, Dan starting a new job, my health issues, and an effort to save our funds, Dan and I had a low-key, local summer so far. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we tried to keep our spirits up with little trips to fun spots in our area. We didn't get to the beach as often as we had planned (as of today, we've only been there twice) but plan to spend most of the evenings there this week.

Since Dan started a new job, we're on the hunt for a new home, too. The areas that we're looking in don't have many current options in our price range, but that doesn't stop us from looking. We have faith that the right place will come along at the right time. Before Dan took the new position, we had been searching for a home near his old job, but nothing worked out. We even had an offer in on what we thought was the perfect place, but it fell through. Now, in hindsight, we're thankful that it didn't work out. We were upset at the time, but since this new job opportunity came up, it's a wonderful thing that we're not stuck with a newly purchased home in the wrong community.

While we've been busy house hunting and baby-wrangling, we didn't plant a garden this year. I have a window box full of flowers and foliage, a container with three healthy basil plants, and a container with nasturtiums. That little bit of green goodness on my step is satisfying my need for growing things. I'm at home with Violet this year, so I have the opportunity to support our local producers and farmers' markets for our fresh veggies. My favourite grocery store is great to support Atlantic producers, so I'm able to support our local economy even at the "big box" stores.

Today's shaping up to be a good one. Violet had a great little nap, and I managed to have a uninterrupted shower, too. Dan's at work, so Violet and I are heading outside for a walk. Our dog, Sage, is eager to get out in the sunshine, and so are we!

How are you spending your summer? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. After three years (THREE!) we finally discovered a beach really close to the city that isn't covered in goose poop. (Seriously, you'd be surprised ...) We've been spending most mornings at the beach lately, and Sam is so proud of himself for being brave in the water. "I so deep, Mama - I so deeper! See! I so brave!" Vava is happy as can be, piling sand in one place and then another. I imagine it will be a little crazier next summer, with three to watch out for - but I am already looking forward to seeing three sets of sandy toes in the backseat. Wish we were close enough to play with Violet too :). xoxo!

    1. Hehehe that's awesome. Good old Canadian geese, eh? It's awesome how kids are so content with the simplest of things - we seem to be the ones that complicate things when we set the bar too high for ourselves. Enjoy your sandy mornings, mama!


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