Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

The lovely flower and herb garden at The Herring Choker Deli
It's September 1st! Here's what I'm saying hello to:

Hello warm days and cool nights.
Hello surgery relief.
Hello sweet and growing and changing baby girl.
Hello design world, I've missed you.
Hello canning and preserving.
Hello pumpkin everything.
Hello budgeting and menu planning.
Hello blogging, I've missed you, too.
Hello farmers' markets and fresh produce.
Hello new tunes. (Any recommendations?)
Hello learning new skills.
Hello FaceTime with my favourite student.
Hello footstool recovering.
Hello body recovering.
Hello snail mail.
Hello reading plan.
Hello local wild blueberries.
Hello family time.

What are you saying hello to this month?

(Sidenote: As of today, I have the same amount of blogposts as I did last year, my most measly year - 45. There's a good chance that I'll beat that total, since I have four full months left of 2014. Yahoo!)

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Hello gorgeous lavender!
    Also I can't wait to see what design you've been working on lately! I miss you.


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