Monday, September 29, 2014

Multitude Monday : September 29, 2014

A lunch with the girls at The Dancing Goat, a local favourite

Good day! It's time for some Multitudes this Monday morning

What is Multitude Monday? Well, starting out, each week I would write a list of ten things that I was currently thankful for. Now, it's not quite as regular but the idea is still the same. Compiling a list of positive things in my life is a great way to take a look at my daily blessings and to take the focus away from the less than great elements. For example - I'm thankful for naps… as opposed to being woken up several times during the night ;) I'd love for you to chime in! Feel free to use the idea and come up with a list on your own blog, in a notebook, on your fridge, or even in the comments in this post. Try it! You'll feel better instantly.

Today I'm thankful for:

781 - warm banana chocolate chip muffins cooling on the counter and a pot of bubbling spicy chana masala soup on the stove
782 - Mom who rescued me this morning so I could go back to bed for an hour or two and have a long, hot shower afterwards… baby girl is hard work!
783 - a newly cleared out spot on my bookshelf to keep my library books sorted and organized
784 - sweet books that I'm itching to make my way through - some from Rachel, and some from the local library
785 - Daniel's coming home this afternoon after being gone since Friday morning. Single parenting is for the birds!
786 - tackling church with Violet by myself yesterday morning - and she was a great girl!
787 - driving with my newly-licensed baby brother on the weekend and sharing oodles of laughs
788 - spending some girl time at Kimberly's beautiful autumn wedding shower on Friday evening
789 - coconut candles burning and a cozy warm apartment with changing leaves outside
790 - making Christmas crafty plans with Meghan that make me oh-so-happy

What about you? What are you thankful for today? Do share!

Happy Monday!

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