Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 2

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 2 : Katie
I made it through week two of the Wear Your Joy project! Don't know what I'm talking about? You can catch up by reading my introduction to the Wear Your Joy project as well as week one which was last week. Essentially:
"Inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts' "wear your joy" photos on Instagram, I decided to challenge myself. For the next month, I'll be incorporating bits of happiness into my wardrobe. It's easy when you're staying at home, running to the grocery store, or working at the same old job, day in and day out, to fall into a routine when dressing that takes the fun out of things. Why not spice up your daily ensemble with a fun colour palette, a playful scarf, or an extra layer or two? Even a necklace that you've been saving for the perfect occasion would be a great addition to your daily garb. 
… Each Thursday for the next month, I'll be sharing what I wore that week, along with a few guest appearances from friends who are up for the challenge. I've started a Pinterest board for the Wear Your Joy Project where I'll be pinning inspiration for my spiced-up wardrobe, along with the weekly photos that I'm sharing here on Polka Dot Soup. I would love if you played along! What's the worst that could happen?" 30 Day Challenge 
The easy part is making fun choices when getting dressed for the day. The difficulty? Taking selfies. My favourite pictures every week are the ones where I've asked someone else to snap the day's photo. We are our own worst enemies and scrutinizers. Being conscious of what I'm putting on each day is a serious confidence booster for me. If I love the pieces when I put them on my body, I feel good in the clothes. When you feel good in your clothes, you feel goo about yourself. Win-win!

This week, I have two awesome friends joining me:

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 2 : Jacalyn
"Hi, my name is Jacalyn and I work as a transcriptionist at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.  This project made me realize that I tend to dress very simply. Over the next little while, I hope to pick up a few accessories to spice up my outfits!"

Wear Your Joy Project : Week 2 : Kelsie
"Hi! I'm Kelsie and currently in school working towards my dream career. Although I'm probably the world's worst selfie taker, I was really excited to be a part of this project. I think it helps to boost confidence and create a positive self image - two things that can be very difficult! Although this week was kind of dreary in my city, I tried to wear cute earrings, a nice scarf, fancy shoes and a colorful sweater. The first night I forgot to take a picture, so I snapped one of my new hair color after a shower. Also, the cat ears are my usual Halloween getup :)"

So fun! My gals look adorable, and their inner beauty is really what shines in each photo although they're gorgeous on the outside, too. I'm so excited to have them share this experience with me! Want to join in? It's never too late! There's still two weeks left of the challenge. If you're interested in appearing on the blog, drop me an e-mail at - I'd love to have you here. Regardless, you can challenge yourself to Wear Your Joy and dress in happiness daily.

Don't forget to check out the project on the Wear Your Joy Pinterest board. Happy Thursday!

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