Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oversized Art in the Kitchen

Oversized art for the kitchen

What's the easiest and most inexpensive way to update your space? Shop your own home!

I recently felt the urge to change things in our home. I had updated the artwork in our bathroom and needed to "rob Peter to pay Paul" - I wanted to use the frames that were up on my kitchen wall, but that would leave the wall empty. The kitchen wall is a fair size and needed a significant piece of art; I previously had a trio of frames there. I was stumped as to what to use, since I didn't want to purchase anything new. 

I headed to the basement to see what I had in storage. I spotted an oversized landscape painting. We had the large piece of artwork above our bed last year before we got a taller bed with a higher headboard. An acquaintance of mine had purchased the original piece in an estate sale and I bought it from him for a fraction of what it's likely worth. It measures 3 ft by 3 ft - perfect for the kitchen wall!

The landscape painting is a bit unconventional for above a kitchen table, and I doubt I'd have that arrangement in my forever home, but for now? It's perfect. It fills a void, is a shot of colour, and catches your eye as you come in our door. Win-win!

Have you updated any spaces in your home lately? Do you leave a space empty until you find the perfect piece, or do you use what you have? Do share!

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