Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Christmas Bucket List

It's December 4th and I'm so eager to make plans for the month! Christmas is my favourite holiday, and there are oodles of fun and wonderful ways to celebrate. It's easy to get bogged down with the unnecessary spending, and if you're far away from friends and family, that's challenging to. Creating a list of things you'd like to experience in the month is a great way to distract yourself from the less than pleasant parts of the season. This year, I hope to start many traditions with our family that we can repeat in years to come.

Here's my bucket list for the 2014 holidays, and my progress so far:

- Drink a candy cane hot chocolate
- Go to a Christmas cookie swap
- Attend a Christmas market
- Donate toys and gifts to a local organization
- Design a Christmas invitation
- Go to our church's Christmas carol service
- Find the perfect Christmas tree
- Wrap presents while Christmas music is playing
- Bake treats for our neighbours
- Send a Christmas card with Violet's photo
- Go for brunch with Dan
- Take Violet to meet Santa
- Partake in a blog ornament swap
- Organize my Christmas decor and only keep what I love
- Buy Violet a set of Christmas pyjamas
- Watch Elf with my family
- Find a new favourite Christmas movie
- Remember the "reason for the season"
- Celebrate the holiday with both sides of our families
- Decide on a Christmas eve tradition
- Introduce Violet to snow
- Deliver presents and visit with friends
- Find new hors d'oeuvres recipes
- Photograph as many experiences as possible

How about you? Any fun plans for the holidays or new traditions that you're starting? Do share!

I'm linking up with Shannan over at Flower Patch Farmgirl who's sharing all things Christmas.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Your daughter's name is Violet.
    I know this isn't the point of this post (fun list, btw!) but it's giving me a one-track mind.
    I have always LOVED that name!!

    1. Thanks so much! I never considered the name until I was preggo. Those long lists of baby names went to the wind, lol.

      Thanks for including me in your link-up. Your blog is my absolute favourite! (Shh!)


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