Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Aftermath...

I'm back - hope your holidays were fabulous! Christmas went pretty smoothly this year - I wasn't as prepared as I had planned on being, but everything seemed to flow. I had a great amount of time off of work - from the 23rd to 26th, inclusive. It certainly helped me get into the Christmas spirit. We got to celebrate three times this year. It's awesome getting to spend the entire week meeting with different family members - eating yummy suppers and opening gifts - we're so spoiled!

I had planned on making most/all of our presents, but as usual, I procrastinated and left it for far too long. I guess I'll need to start in March next year:) However, I managed to wrap most things very eco-consciously - using reusable packaging, upcycled papers and ribbons, reusing bags and boxes, and making/printing all of our tags:

Upcycled ribbon and music paper, reused bamboo box, and tag from The Black Apple.

I had been collecting bits and pieces of most of the gifts since the summertime, so our last-minute shopping was minimal - I love giving boxes of goodies:

A Christmas box for sweet Ash

In other exciting holiday news, I bought a spot in the Style School class for myself for Christmas. I purchased some of the supplies over the past few days with my Michael's gift certificate from Daniel's mom. I'm pumped about having a crafty class that will last all winter long!

I'll have a few more photos later this week - maybe some more before and afters :)

Happy Tuesday!

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