Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holy Thrift, Batman!

I had to share what I found at the thrift store tonight - this chaotic rainbow of brand new embroidery thread, all grouped in a baggie for $1.99! These colours will be perfect for my Sublime Stitching patterns that I bought in the fall: Kurt Halsey and Julie West. I also picked up this kit a few weeks ago. How pumped am I?!


Lazy Days

Yay for relaxing! I had today and yesterday off of work, so I got to get some organizing done, but also had a ton of me-time.

I've been weeding out my closet/wardrobe - it's terrible how much stuff I've accumulated. I'm saving some clothes for crafting, but most of my rejects are headed to the thrift store. I certainly take enough home from there - I might as well contribute some :) My goal is to have one group of work clothes that can be mixed and matched without much thought. I use a lot of my normal wardrobe for work, but it really gets damaged. White is not white anymore, and knits are all gross and pick-y. Maybe I'll be able to take a photo or two when I'm finished. Wish me luck!

I thought I'd share two of my Christmas gifts with you today. I got this adorable brown houndstooth Replicca dress from Daniel:

Daniel also gave me a package of Amy Butler fabric squares. They haven't arrived yet, but knowing that they are coming is getting me in the mood for my next project: quilting! I can't wait. Amy Butler is one of my favourite fabric designers. Her colours are both calming and up-beat (if that's possible) and her prints are nice and mod. Super fun...

After running a few errands this evening, I'm going to make some peanut butter balls for my landlord. I'm a little late with her Christmas gift, but it's still within the week, right? This recipe from Tasty Kitchen had the cute pic (with the watermark :) ) that you see below, but the recipe that I've used other years has coconut as well. I like the added texture that it brings.

Hope your Wednesday was fabulous!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Aftermath...

I'm back - hope your holidays were fabulous! Christmas went pretty smoothly this year - I wasn't as prepared as I had planned on being, but everything seemed to flow. I had a great amount of time off of work - from the 23rd to 26th, inclusive. It certainly helped me get into the Christmas spirit. We got to celebrate three times this year. It's awesome getting to spend the entire week meeting with different family members - eating yummy suppers and opening gifts - we're so spoiled!

I had planned on making most/all of our presents, but as usual, I procrastinated and left it for far too long. I guess I'll need to start in March next year:) However, I managed to wrap most things very eco-consciously - using reusable packaging, upcycled papers and ribbons, reusing bags and boxes, and making/printing all of our tags:

Upcycled ribbon and music paper, reused bamboo box, and tag from The Black Apple.

I had been collecting bits and pieces of most of the gifts since the summertime, so our last-minute shopping was minimal - I love giving boxes of goodies:

A Christmas box for sweet Ash

In other exciting holiday news, I bought a spot in the Style School class for myself for Christmas. I purchased some of the supplies over the past few days with my Michael's gift certificate from Daniel's mom. I'm pumped about having a crafty class that will last all winter long!

I'll have a few more photos later this week - maybe some more before and afters :)

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Love Dan, Katie, and Sage


Saturday, December 19, 2009


The most refreshing drink ever

I think we've created what is quite possibly the best beverage in the world. We're planning on bringing it to our family's Christmas morning brunch. Give it a shot:

  • Thinly slice 1/2 of a lemon and 1/4 of a cucumber
  • Place in a pretty pitcher with ice cubes
  • Add one part pineapple juice and three parts orange juice
  • (Optional) Add two parts 7-Up/Sprite
It's super yummers - and pairs excellently with a spicy bowl of chickpea-loaded (which is way better than grainy kidney-bean-loaded) chili:

Super-yummer chili

I hope that this inspires you to a night in on a chilly evening - it's fun to cuddle up and eat some warm comfort food in this weather!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Before and After



We are slowly but surely making some inexpensive changes in our apartment. Living in a basement apartment is challenging - but who doesn't love a great challenge?

Last week, we started on the bedroom. Our one lone window had previously had a small white curtain rod hung from the frame, and a white lace valance - cute, but not exactly my style. Daniel and I installed a new, heavier, and more significant curtain rod and long white panel curtains. Rods should be hung at the proper height and width - at least 4" out and 4" up from your window frame, depending on your ceiling height. This helps to give the window more presence in the room, especially if it's small.

With our curtain rod and panels both being on sale at Wicker Emporium, we made this small upgrade for under $30 - not bad for a cute little project!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Some holiday love in the craft room

Today consisted of:

- Sleeping in with my darling
- Going to the Farmer's Market for cupcakes
- Drinking candy cane hot chocolate
- Driving around and around and around our neighbouring town looking for a very elusive Christian bookstore
- Doing fish-tails in parking lots
- Making grocery lists on the phone with my Mama-bear
- Eating cheeseburgers and fries at old-school diners
- Shopping for said groceries in a very busy supermarket
- Wrapping Christmas gifts for co-workers
- Baking Christmas goodies to sell
- Listening to Lisa Mitchell
- Snuggling with my pup

Gotta love this time of year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm alive...

Don't worry - I'm still breathing.

New post this weekend.

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