Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 before 24 - Check.

True story: I was going to share the "23 before 24" goal that I had reached with you today, and took a picture, but immediately began to rethink my post. I'm embarrassed - my cuticles are horrendous. But...

I stopped biting my nails!

I had to share with you anyway! This is a huge feat for me - I've been biting them since I was a toddler, and have never been able to stop, not even for my own wedding. I simply decided that it's time to have grown-up hands... and the thought of manicures may have been alluring as well :)

Speaking of manicures, I picked up this lovely (chipped) polish at American Apparel (I won't link you to their site, I'm sure your eyes will thank me) - it's called Mouse Gray. I picked up a slightly darker gray that I'll share with you in an upcoming giveaway.

Let me know how you're doing with this year's goals and dreams.

Happy Tuesday!

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