Thursday, March 11, 2010


  • Enjoying the day off with my darling
  • Planning our kitchen decor
  • Smelling fresh new paint
  • Making decisions about school
  • Praying that I will make all the right decisions
  • Wanting to paint my nails
  • Scrapbooking my heart out
  • Scheming up plans for the next two weekends
  • Hoping that I'll get to see my besties over the next two weekends :)
  • Looking forward to the farmer's market in spring
  • Dreaming about cardigan weather (minus the coats)
  • Wishing someone else could do the dishes
  • Hearing my pup snore and my hubby turning pages
  • Snuggling under a comfy throw
  • Heading to bed
This week I hope to share a few things with you - that peek into my bag that I promised, a new recipe I tried, a look at our new kitchen scheme, and a few things checked off my 24 list.

Happy Wednesday!

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