Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kitchen Changes

In the spirit of spring, here`s to new and improved aspects of our home!

After months of mulling whether or not to paint our rental kitchen, we finally made the plunge this week. We picked out a gorgeous shade of gray: Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray -

It`s very difficult to decide on a colour based on the online shot - we had originally picked out BM Abalone, but when we saw the swatch in person, it was not very nice. It was more of a greige... the dreaded greige.

We will be painting, rearranging, and decorating next week, so I will be sure to share a photo or two. The trim will all be repainted in a bright white... freshen things up. I would love to get my retro dining set reupholstered in a poppy red - make the set look like it`s from a 1950`s diner. My pyrex collection will have a special spot in our new gray room... the colours will pop for sure!

In other spring-related items... join in on the weekend muck-out! Empty your drawers, closets, and storage rooms and lighten your load. I hope to get a room or two organized - so far the living room is done.

Happy Friday!


  1. ooh, painting! what a fun project. i spring-cleaned today. the sunshine inspired me - it felt so good, i woke up with tons of energy and wanted to make inside the house feel as good as outside :).

  2. aww, janelle, i'd love to be in your apartment, clean or not :)


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