Friday, May 21, 2010

On the Road

Pretty houses in Fredericton (Sept 09)

Just a quick little post - we're at my parent's place for the night, and we're heading out early tomorrow morning: 5:30. We need to catch a ferry that runs at 8:00, and it's two hours away... add in waiting time, and we'll just make it. Groaner. Thank heavens I can snooze - it's nice to be a lady :)

I've been playing around with the macro on our camera, and I've got some super fun shots to share with you. I hope to take lots of pics this weekend, so you'll have a photo-filled week ahead!

I've been forgetting about posting my two positive choices! Today:
  • Ate breakfast!
  • Had Mom's homemade vegetable soup for supper - yummo.
Happy Friday!

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