Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking the Time...

Before we get ready for our weekend away, we're trying to get our home as organized as possible. Laundry finished, folded, put away. Dishes washed, dried, put away. Fridge emptied, tidied, wiped down. The works.

I took out my summer clothes today - it's funny how your taste changes. I have a big pile of clothes to iron and take to the consignment shop tomorrow... might as well make a little money from it. I found that my skirt lengths from last year/the year before were a little too dowdy looking, if you know what I mean. I'm a shortie, and I need every inch of long-leggedness that I can get. Mmmm, pretty summer colours though!

I hit up the thrift store and hit the mother load. I can't wait to take some pictures and show you. Case in point: I bought a skirt after work to wear this weekend - cost:$30. At the thrift store, I found almost the identical skirt, new with tags - cost:$3.50. Yes, please. Needless to say, I've got some returning to do tomorrow morning.

Like my colour-coded bookshelf up top? My mom gave me some of my old books to hang on to, and I couldn't wait to put them in order. Sometimes I'm anal like that :)

Hope your week is coming along well. I know I'm certainly ready for the weekend... We both booked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off and we're headed to a Bible conference. It will be so nice to be with friends and be encouraged. Sometimes this area can be a little hard on the head - especially this week. Yikers... I'm sure ready for a break - it's been one of those weeks.

Happy Thursday!

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