Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I hope you had an awesome weekend, whether it was long or a regular length! We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon at the park...

Our turquoise shoes


The un-fly-able kite, also known as the we-left-it-there kite

My rediscovered, newly favourited cardigan for summer - great colours!

Fun with macro

That kite was a killer! I picked it up a few weeks ago for Daniel, and we attempted to fly it for the first time. It did not leave the ground. We took a really funny video... the kite was one of the ones with two lines, and it liked to stick close to ground-level. We left it at the park. Someone else can try it out :)

There was a wedding at the park... the bagpiper was practicing the whole time we were there, so it provided some nice background music for the video :) As we were leaving, we kept meeting people that were all dressed up, heading for the wedding. We giggled as we thought of them all stepping over the kite in the middle of the field... maybe it would get into some wedding photos :)

My week is off to a busy start - I had to do all of the month end stuff at work yesterday, and last night was the last Monday School until the fall, so it was prize night. When I got home, I had some fun painting a new piece for our entrance - it needed a little colour. I will give you a peek this week, and I also hope to share a few other projects with you.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the shoes! I am a big Converse fan and love the color of both shoes. Who makes your shoes? they are so cute!


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