Friday, May 28, 2010

Mission: Not Impossible

In the very, very near future, I need to master this:

So I can drive this:

We got a new car back in August, and I'm ashamed to say it, but...

I don't drive.

I've driven four or five times since we've gotten the car. And, here was the deal: we were getting a much, much needed new vehicle, and Daniel loves standards. I thought, sweet, this will force me to learn, so I told him that I thought our new car should be a standard. He was pumped, we bought a VW, and I sit like a wimp in the passenger seat. Every. Single. Day.

I know how to drive our car, I'm just a big chicken. It's my goal for June to buckle up (pun intended) and drive this mad beast. I can do it... right?

Happy Friday!


  1. Once you drive a car manually you actually feel like you are DRIVING the car. Hard to explain but you'll know what it means when you get it on the highway.

    Good luck! It's a good skill to have.

  2. you can totally do it!! i'm so proud of you :).

  3. Thanks for the encouragement :)


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