Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DIY Wednesday

Here's a brand-new feature for you: DIY Wednesdays... You all know I love a good DIY.

I made two table runners for my friend Ciela's wedding, inspired by the runner in this post. I used a ton of thrifted doilies, both white and cream. I absolutely adored the look of them! It was uber easy, just a little time consuming. Each of the doilies are randomly arranged, overlapped, and tacked together with some white thread. Easy peasy.

Here's a peek at one of the runners:

They used one of the runners on their "signing of the register" table, and the other one was used in another location at the ceremony. The doily runners' simple vintage style suited Ciela and Vince's wedding perfectly. Ciela loved them, and they fit well with their style. I love when my crafts make someone happy :)

Here are the runners all wrapped up, waiting to be taken to the bride:

What project have you been working on lately?

Happy Wednesday!

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