Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vay-Kay Oh-Four

It's another installment of my "vay-kay" posts! There's one more after this guy...

The big game. The whole reason why we went to Toronto. Daniel's two favourite teams, Manchester United and Celtic FC, came to a Canadian city. How could we resist? I'm so glad I could thrill the little boy in him :)

Daniel has a Celtic jersey, and a Manchester t-shirt. He decided on the jersey, and when we arrived at the Rogers Centre, there was someone selling Manchester caps. Guess who got to wear a cap with her pretty tank and capris? I haven't worn a baseball cap since junior high. It's been a while... and it's not pretty :) Oh, well... the things you do for those you love!

Here's a peek at the ginormous scoreboard:

The game in motion:

The two of us, and the infamous cap:

Post-game shot of ManU's coach, Sir Alex Ferguson:

The loudest Scot that I've ever encountered... follow the giant red arrow:

The beautifully lit-up CN Tower:

After the game, on our way back to our hotel, there was the biggest group of people ever chanting "United". We had to make our way through the throng to get to the street. It was a bit intense. Good thing they were all in good cheer... I was glad that they weren't the losing team :)
We took a couple of videos as we made our way through, but I'm not sure what the language is like in them, so I'd really rather not share. Here's a pic of the crowd, though:

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our game. Have a peachy Thursday!

Here's a lovely song for you to chill out to:

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