Monday, September 20, 2010

Multitude Monday

Welcome back!

I've decided to make my multitude list on Mondays... so we can have Multitude Mondays! How cool is alliteration? I'm a geek sometimes :) If you don't remember, every week I think of ten things that I'm currently thankful for, and share them here with you. It's a great way to fight the negative Nellies, and it's a terrific way to boost your mood. I started counting last week, so we'll start with 11.

Today, I'm thankful for:

11 - a husband that makes laundromat trips without me saying a word
12 - the last glass of chocolate milk (my guilty pleasure)
13 - a relaxing vacation week
14 - new fall handsoap - mmm, mmm
15 - three snail mails sent out today
16 - a fun online class
17 - a promotion for a darling co-worker :)
18 - a breathtaking whale-watching tour
19 - fresh, yummy smelling towels
20 - one of my favourite friends on the mend - yay Kel!

I hope you had a dreamy weekend! The photo above is from our whale-watching trip... more to come this week...

Happy Monday!

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