Friday, October 15, 2010

Currently... and for Next Week...

Demonstrating road rage at the playground...

Can you believe it? Another October week has passed! Each day dragged on, since I was on day shift at work, and Daniel was on evenings. Thank heavens we're both off tomorrow!

I've been in my craft room all evening, cleaning, organizing, and purging some bits and pieces of "maybe I'll use them in the next project" scraps. I am re-organizing a lot of my storage bins. Man, I've got a lot of supplies that I'm hoarding. I counted 24 packages of vintage rik-rak and hem tape... that's a lot! Ribbons, galores, too... and don't even get me started on my buttons. Buttons are okay though, they're my "collection"... right? :)

I'm going to do a craft room peek on Monday - overall room shots, and a few detail and organizational ones, too. I would love to do a giveaway next week - I have a few ideas that I'm toying with. Scrap-booking and paper-crafting goodness? Lap-top decals? Handmade accessories? We'll see what I decide over the weekend. Maybe I'll let the winner decide! Don't worry, it will be open to my readers that comment on my Facebook instead of through Blogger. Perhaps it will bring all my creepers to the surface :) Just keep your eyes open next week - there will be a fun way for you to win that you need to stay on your toes for.

I've been giving Sage treats all evening, since it's just him and I chilling, and he's keeping me company. I came out to the kitchen to write this post and I caught him sniffing in the storage room for more treats. Little rascal :)

I'm going to have a little snack and then right back to cleaning business. How's that for an exciting Friday night? :) Not your classic night out, but certainly one of my favourite nights in. 

Have a lovely weekend... Happy Friday!


  1. i love love love this picture. you guys are irresistably cute.

  2. i thought it was pretty funny, too :) who needs smiling photos all the time?!


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