Friday, October 8, 2010


I think I've found one Lush product that I'm not impressed with: Up You Gets.

Up You Gets is an Emotibomb - a little fragrant fizzy tablet that you place on the floor of your shower. I've tried one other Emotibomb and loved it. I had picked this one up a while back and was saving it for a special day off so I could enjoy it... bad idea. I forgot that certain Lush products should be used as soon as possible. When I bought Up You Gets, it smelled delish. It was a yummy citrus overload. After a month or two sitting in its little paper bag under my bathroom sink, I think it lost its oomph. I used it this morning, and when I first placed it in the shower, there was one burst of citrus scent and then nothing. Nada. I guess this is partly my fault, but I'm not sure if I'd buy another one to try. Sorry Lush, this is the first time you've disappointed. My other Lush shower goodies, on the other hand, make my morning.

Speaking of showers, I've had my eyes opened towards the wonders of the wide-toothed comb. Several friends had told me that they use it to work conditioner into their hair, so I picked up a comb last week and tried it out this morning. Why has no one told me sooner?! My hair feels silky smooth and I think I could get more than one day out of it. Aahh... what a discovery!

Happy Friday!

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