Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lush Holiday Showdown

I bought some Lush goodies on the weekend, and got some new holiday samples to try out. Both of them are new to me... so here we go...

It's a holiday Lush showdown! The battle between bath supplies - may the best product win!

First up, Angel's Delight soap. This product's pros: smells delish, and has a creamy texture. It's cons: it's a bar soap, and there is not a lot of lather. I love the scent, but bar soap kills me: you've got to let it dry thoroughly and it doesn't lather very much.

Next, we have Glogg shower gel. This product's pros: there is oodles of lather, and it's easy to dispense. It's cons: it smells like Buckley's, and it smells like Buckley's. This bad boy is supposed to be mulled wine scented, and all I get is cinnamon and cough syrup. Not cherry flavoured, cough syrup either: Buckley's. The cinnamon scent does stay on your skin once you're dried off, so that helps.

Final verdict? I'm going to have to go with Angel's Delight. It smells like jelly beans and feel smooth on the skin. I can't wash myself with cough syrup, sorry.

Have you tried any new products lately?


  1. Good to know, i like the idea of a review blog post. Loving all the updates, makes my day:) Love you.

  2. I'm glad you like the reviews :) xo


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